Kids Club
Kids Club
  • In need of somewhere to drop off your little ones without worrying about their safety, or that they will have fun? We have the perfect option for you!
  • At our renovated Sirenios kids club, children between 4-12 years old can enjoy stimulating, laughter filled moments. You will not have to worry about them at all, we have expert staff, who will ensure that every moment is filled with laughter.
  • Plus, you will find activities specially thought out for your little ones, where then can sing, cook, draw and much more…. They will spend the whole day enjoying themselves, as we are open from 10:00 am to 21:30.
  • Note: For activities which take place from 17:00, parents or guardians should bring their children to our facilities already bathed and having eaten dinner, because food is not offered in this area. During the period of time the children are at Kids Club, their parents or guardians cannot leave the hotel facilities.